Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We All Have A First Project

This is Get Woodworking Week—the thoughtful event initiated by Tom Iovino of Tom's Workbench.

Tom has reached out to bloggers, podcasters, and magazines to help generate enthusiasm for our craft. Hoping that maybe, just maybe, we can provide the gentle nudge for someone who's been thinking about picking up woodworking as a hobby.

I thought for days about what to write. Then I remembered the value of "show, don't tell."

So, for your viewing pleasure, I present some of my very first projects from 20 or so years ago.

Am I embarrassed to show them? Heavens, no. Looking through these old photos, I can still recall the excitement I felt when I built them. How proud I was to unveil them to family and friends.

So, my advice is, no matter where you are in your journey, be sure to photograph everything you make.

We all started somewhere—even master woodworkers who are making extraordinary pieces embellished with marquetry and inlay all had a first project.

Okay, yeah, I might be a little
embarrassed about this one...

Years from now when you look through your old photos, you'll be surprised at how far your skills have advanced.

Maybe you'll have the chance to share the images with someone who's been wondering if they might be able to build something if they just put their mind to it.

And you'll become the gentle nudge they've been waiting for.


tom buhl said...

Beginnings are important
Thanks for sharing yours
Happy Get Woodworking Week
to you, Kari

Rob said...

I wish I could call up projects as inventive, colourful and fun as these Kari.

There's little danger of work going unphotographed these days!

Jonathan Szczepanski said...

OK Kari, you must explain where all of this Western stuff came from... and why aren't there pictures of you with the pink hat on? :-)

Kari Hultman said...

Thanks, Tom! Happy GWW to you, too. :)

Rob, thank heavens for digital cameras. The photos in this post were obviously pre-digital and very fuzzy.

Jonathan, that's how my previous partner and I decorated. I go rid of all the western stuff after that! My mom bought me that cowboy hat (which has never been on my head. I don't "do" pink. heh)

Tom Stephenson said...

Not sure when you made it, but the "Via Con Dios" cabinet is a favorite of mine. Happy Get Woodworking Week to Kari and friends!

Robin said...

Wow man! These are great items and there is no reason for you to get embarrassed. Not all are gifted to create nice furniture pieces out of wood you know.

alan said...

thanks very much for this

Warton Woodworks said...

Hi Kari,

Wow for a first project these are impressive. I remember my first project. I used to make my own oak furniture such as coffee tables and beds. Its great fun, keep up the good work!

Wood Carving Tools said...

great article Kari,

I hope you will continue it.

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