Monday, January 25, 2010

Who Would Have Thought...

15 years ago that we would have the abundance of information that's freely available to us on the internet today.

Any questions you have about woodworking, warblers, and wombats can be found online. And the presentation of this information just keeps getting better and better.

There's enough great woodworking content—through magazines, forums, blogs, and podcasts—to occupy all 24 hours of your day.

But in case you're looking to fill those few stray minutes, check out the sites on my links page. They're not in alphabetical order for no other reason than I like randomness.

Just to point out a few of the many bloggers and podcasters who are kicking it up a notch, check out:

1. Tom Fidgenfurniture maker, author, and instructor—who's recently updated his website to include full SketchUp models, bench plans, expanded galleries and after thoughts from all six projects in his book, Made By Hand.

2. Matt Vanderlist—the original woodworking podcaster—has just launched a new podcast called The Spoken Wood where he has invited several woodworking bloggers to read some of their favorite posts. It's a clever concept and one that might make your commute to work a little more pleasant.

3. Bob Rozaieski—cabinetmaker and traditional woodworker—who packs loads of material into his blog and podcast. Bob is very good at walking you through the steps of preparing stock and building projects using only hand tools.

There are more. Tons more. They're light years better in appearance and content than what I was able to find 15 years ago.

And that makes me happier than a warbler with a wagonload of worms.