Monday, January 14, 2013

The more I learn...

.....the more I realize how very little I know.

In my two most recent posts, readers corrected me on a few points. As well they should.

Point one: when viewing the side of a handplane, the grain should run downhill from toe to heel.
Point two: always use quartersawn stock when making a handplane if you want to avoid seasonal movement (across the width).
Point three: blokschaafs do not have horns. (Hence the name change to my project)

This got me thinking about whether or not I should write about my handplane project since I am not an expert and might mislead someone who is thinking about making a plane.

And then I remembered a conversation that went around the blogosphere many months ago about the misinformation that is sometimes provided to the public through blogs, podcasts, and other venues that are used by those of us who are not professionals.

I mainly steered clear of that conversation because I believe that both sides of the argument are correct: yes, there is misinformation "out there" and yes, non-professional woodworkers do provide a worthwhile service to our community. If nothing else, we keep the conversation going.

I have been called out on a couple other occasions and because of that and other suggestions from readers, I've altered a few ways I do things in woodworking. And I'm grateful for it. I do not have a big ego and welcome criticism.

Writing this blog has made me a better woodworker. You guys have kept me on my toes and your support, advice, and enthusiasm have been the catalysts that have prodded me to try new things. I never would have made a number of things in the last five years if not for you.

Folks over the years have emailed and said very nice things about my blog. Their perception is that I give a lot to the community. The reality is I get a lot from the community—friendship, knowledge, advice, and encouragement.

So for selfish reasons, I'll keep blogging.

And now, here is a picture of my dog in order to make an otherwise dreary blog post a little more "Rosie."