Friday, January 11, 2008

"But it's only one room"

That's what my partner said when I told her my ww club was coming over for a shop tour on Saturday. "How do you take a tour when it's only one room?" she asked.

Have I taught her nothing?

Help me out guys. It's not just a "room". It's a sacred space that's filled with power tools, hand tools, antique tools, jigs, workstations, books, setups that enable different woodworking procedures, works in progress, stories of anguish and triumph, and wood. Lots of pieces of exotic wood and buried treasure.

I expect the guys will be in my shop poking around, asking questions, cutting up, and jokingly trying to "swipe" little tools (I'll have the surveillance cameras on just in case) for about 2 hours.

And they'll be touring not just a room, but my little piece of heaven.