Tuesday, November 18, 2008

WIA Video

Here is a short 3.25 minute video with scenes from the WIA conference. Some of the interviews are hard to hear, but hey, it's my first video. Hope you like it!

In order of appearance:
Matt Vanderlist (press & show attendee)
Don Weber
Adam Cherubini
Mike Wenzloff (saw sharpening)
Jim Leamy (plane)
Phillip Edwards (plane)
John Economaki (jointmaster)
Adam Cherubini
Harrelson Stanley
Craig Stevens (press & show attendee)
Unknown (show attendee)
Blue Spruce (marking knives)
Don McConnell
Adam Cherubini (tool chest)
Jim Blauvelt & Harrelson Stanley
Adam Cheribini
Mark (I'm sorry, I didn't get your last name!) from Maryland (show attendee)
Michel Auriou (making a file)
Joe DesLauriers from North Carolina (show attendee)
Phillip Edwards
Don McConnell
Mike Siemsen from Minnesota (show attendee)
Adam Cherubini
Mike Hancock
Chris Schwarz
Frank Klausz
Adam Cherubini
Konrad Sauer
Roy Underhill
Frank Klausz, Roy Underhill, and Mike Dunbar

Still at the Starting Gate

While I'm still getting my photos, notes, and video together from the WIA conference, other bloggers are off and running with their footage. Be sure to check out what Matt Vanderlist, Mitch Roberson, Al Navas, Neil Lamens, Phillip Edwards, Craig Stevens, and of course, Chris Schwarz have to say about the event....and I promise to crack the whip before too long.