Saturday, December 29, 2007

York Ag & Industrial Museum

Today, my partner and I toured the York Agricultural & Industrial Museum. The museum houses vast antique collections of various industries including farming, pottery, woodworking, machinery, dentistry, weight lifting, wire mesh, grist mills, as well as antique cars, a conestoga wagon, a trolley car, an early 2-passenger airplane, WWII items, and many other

Here are a few shots of the woodworking section. Notice anything odd about these exhibits? In most cases, you can walk right up and touch things. The displays that were cordoned off had chains that were so close to the display items, you could still touch them if you wanted to. I of course did not, out of respect for these well-cared-for artifacts.

And what was my partner doing while I was keeping my hands off the precious collections?

(Hint: look inside the red truck's driver's seat.)