Saturday, August 8, 2009

Perfect Light for Carving

Natural light from my south-facing windows clearly shows every facet of a carving and I raced out to my shop today to take advantage of it.

It reminds me of something Harrelson Stanley said in his presentation on Japanese saws at last year's WIA Conference.

He knew a woodworker in Japan who would park his white car in front of his shop window (which did not face the ideal direction for sunlight).

In late afternoon, the sun would reflect off the car and into his shop. He would stop whatever he was doing and move to the bench nearest the window to take advantage of the natural, angled light, and would work on the carving details of his project.

So, if your shop does not have south-facing windows (or north-facing, if you live below the equator), don't despair! Just paint your car white.