Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ironic Saw Bench

My new saw bench will be used with for sawing boards the traditional way—by hand. And yet I built it entirely with power tools: table saw, compound miter saw, and band saw.

In my defense, my new Lie-Nielsen 7 tpi rip saw has not arrived yet. And using a crosscut saw to rip boards....well, it's just not done. So I was forced to use power.

Either that, or I was being lazy.

Sometimes you just want to build an instant gratification project—one that doesn't have to be pretty, or sanded, or have close tolerance joinery. One that can be designed, sawn, and banged together with hammer and nails in 2 hours.

I searched the internet this morning for saw bench plans and settled on one built by Dan Klauder, who found inspiration in Alex Bealer's Old Ways of Working Wood.

Now I just have to wait for the arrival of my new saw to give it and myself a workout.