Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Box O'Moulding

With the useasonably warm weather we've been having, my thoughts are turning to spring.

And every spring, I take an inventory of and vow to complete the mountainous list of unfinished projects in the house.

One project, a tall bookcase built and installed a year and a half ago, has yet to receive its crown moulding.

It's functional and loaded with books, but it was never meant to have a pine accent piece along the top edge.

A few years ago, any time I had to cut moulding, I started dropping offcuts into a box. Now when a project calls for crown moulding, rather than sketch something or refer to books, I stack a few pieces together until the right look is achieved.

It helps if you have pieces with the moulding profile cut along one edge and one end. That way, you can see how it will look on the corner of your project. 

You can also view the stacked profile by using a board of contrasting color as an upright stop.

Since the box o' moulding is now sitting on my workbench and staring at me, I have no excuse not to finish that bookcase . . . unless, of course, winter decides it's not through with us yet.