Friday, May 20, 2011

Fort Frederick Market Fair Video

After writing two blog posts about the Fort Frederick Market Fair in previous years (here and here), I thought I'd shoot a video instead.

Some of the craftsmen you'll see are, in order:
Brian Graham, Patapsco Valley Woodwright (at 00:30 - 00:39 in the video)
James Stewart, Woods Unlimited
George Mathews, Handcrafted Windsor Chairs
Dave Krill, Capt. Krill's Den of Antiquities
William Ebner, Fine Furniture Reproductions (at 1:58 - 2:08 in the video)
Charles Boland, Storybook Joinery

To watch the video in HD, go here.

Music featured in the video: Over the hills and far away, by Paul Hutchinson & Paul Sartin; and music from the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack—The Militia Marches In, Another Dance, and Can't Slow Down.