Sunday, September 30, 2007


I love to hand cut dovetails and I love boxes, so when I found a little piece of birds-eye maple in the basement (my former shop) I decided to make a miniature version of a box I made a few years ago, one with a sliding lid. The little one measures 4" long.

Fitting the lid in the grooves and obtaining a snug, but movable fit, is something I have yet to achieve. Not because I'm not careful or patient, but because I can't seem to stop myself once I start handplaning. I think it must mesmerize me to hear that swoosh swoosh and see those ribbons of shavings spill out of
the plane's mouth.

Once I realize that I should probably check the fit, it's too late. Both lids slide off way too easily. Guess it's just a reason to make another box...