Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rose Engine Ornamental Lathe

The presentation at last night's woodworkers' meeting was given by Dean Swagert, club member, who built his own Rose Engine Ornamental Lathe from plans printed in an article in American Association of Woodturners publication.

Dean is a Rock Star Woodworker.

The Rose Engine gets its name from the shape of the rosette wheels that play a part in the shape that is cut into the workpiece. Several other variables, like position of the carbide cutter, design of the rosettes (you can stack more than one on the machine), use of the indexing plate, and shape of the rubber, can also alter the design.

The rosettes are fastened to a headstock that pivots back and forth and bounces off the rubber; the wheels are turned with polyurethane tubing; the motor is 7.5 rpm, direct drive; and for increased precision, Dean installed a variable speed motor and compound gear system.

Dean turns pieces on a regular lathe that are simply amazing. He explains how he makes them, but it's way over my head. He also makes traditional Japanese tansu cabinetry, with hardware made in Japan.

And here are some of the pieces this quiet, humble, Korean War veteran has made with his Rose Engine Lathe. Enjoy!


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