Saturday, November 8, 2008

Woodworking in America

In just a few days, I'll be rubbing flannel-covered elbows with other handtool enthusiasts, bloggers, & podcasters; famous woodworkers; and handtool vendors at the Woodworking in America conference.

Here is a list of the classes I will attend and blog about in the coming weeks:
1) Japanese Saws in Western Work
2) Master the Spokeshave & Drawknife
3) Rehabbing Old Tools
4) Understanding Western Saws
5) Wooden Plane Technology
6) Setting Up A Handtool Shop
7) Mortise & Tenon—3 Solid Methods
8) Tools for Windsor Seats
9) Modern Tools—Tolerances & Myths
10) Eliminating Tear-Out When Planing

Whew! All that is packed into just 2.5 days. The folks at Popular Woodworking and Woodworking Magazine have put together what will surely be an awesome event. Plans are in the works for another conference next year if you are not able to make it to this one.

While I'm at the conference, my partner will spend time reading, sleeping, watching movies, sleeping, working out in the hotel's gym, and sleeping. In other words, both of us will be enjoying our perfect vacations.

At left is a business card I designed and will take with me in case anyone asks about this blo
g (my partner's idea). I thought they might come in handy as shims, kindling, or disposal of gum.