Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guest Bathroom

So, about 4 years ago, I decided to rip out the guest bathroom and rebuild the whole thing. The old design, and I regret not having taken a photo, was circa 1950, but without the cool kitschy look.

First I planned to replace the counter with laminated mdf. After laminating the wrong side and then laminating the correct side, I discovered that I had cut the hole too big for the sink. Sometimes, you just have to walk away....

...3 years later, I came back to the bathroom project. A friend said "Hey, you're a woodworker, you should make a wood counter." Good idea. So, I finished the bathroom and built a walnut counter, a walnut medicine cabinet, 4 frame & panel bead board cabinet doors, a little shelf, and installed bead board wainscoting. This being my first attempt at installing crown molding, I chose the widest crown molding I could find...and decided to cope the corners. (For those who do not know what coping is, it's sufficient to say that it is a really masochistic task to give oneself, given the width and complexity of this particular molding). By the last corner, I had finally figured out what I was doing. Of course, in order to view that corner, it requires a Linda Blairesque twist of the head.