Friday, May 20, 2011

Fort Frederick Market Fair Video

After writing two blog posts about the Fort Frederick Market Fair in previous years (here and here), I thought I'd shoot a video instead.

Some of the craftsmen you'll see are, in order:
Brian Graham, Patapsco Valley Woodwright (at 00:30 - 00:39 in the video)
James Stewart, Woods Unlimited
George Mathews, Handcrafted Windsor Chairs
Dave Krill, Capt. Krill's Den of Antiquities
William Ebner, Fine Furniture Reproductions (at 1:58 - 2:08 in the video)
Charles Boland, Storybook Joinery

To watch the video in HD, go here.

Music featured in the video: Over the hills and far away, by Paul Hutchinson & Paul Sartin; and music from the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack—The Militia Marches In, Another Dance, and Can't Slow Down.


Frank Vucolo said...

Great post!
Nice camera work and editing, too. But how did you ever get Adam Sandler to do a cameo at 1:43?

Frank V

Kari Hultman said...

I went back to that spot in the video and was like, "Yeah, I suppose that guy looks like Ada......oh, THAT guy!" ha ha

Dana said...

Kari, the video of the fair reminded me of an up coming auction in MD this weekend I thought I share with you. I hope you have some extra cash. You might want to check this out. Go to Parlett family farm and museum. I found it through You won't believe the number of wood working, black smith, and general stuff. I'm still on the fence about going. I don't want to come back broke. I always enjoy your musings. dana