Sunday, November 7, 2010

Extended Holiday

I'm planning to take November and December off from the blog.

It's been 3 years, 2 months, and 418 blog posts since I started it and there are things I need to do that I've put off during that time.

Vacuuming comes to mind. The dust bunnies have morphed into dust rhinos.

Yardwork is another. A machete makes a handy appliance as you navigate the terrain to our front door.

And there are other things I've neglected. Like home repairs, cleaning out my business files, balancing my checkbook. Flossing.

Plus, I want to put some thought into VC 2.0. Maybe things will look a little different in two months. Maybe I'll write about things other than handtools. Like ball bearings. Or knitting.

Who am I kidding. I hate change. Things will look exactly the same as how I left it.

Anyhoo. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, group hug, and see ya next year!


Dave said...

Well that sucks... :)

Tom Dugan said...

Ah Kari, despite infrequent comments, I'm gonna miss ya.

But good on ya! I don't blog because I know too much would be left undone elsewhere.

So go enjoy what's left of the fall, and have great holidays. I'll see you at the end of winter at PATINA.

PS - I wouldn't feel compelled to answer comments here either. Now GO!

Anonymous said...

Say "Hi" to your long lost mother!

Steve Branam said...

As a public service, I've been conducting a scientific experiment. Preliminary results indicate that the house does not in fact fall down if you neglect the housework and yardwork for months. That frees up much more time for woodworking.

I'll be looking forward to your virtual return!

Joseph Pritchard said...

Have fun in the holidays Kari! See you on FB.

Dyami Plotke said...

Your holiday from the Village Carpenter is well deserved and understood. After producing only a fraction of the bloging you have (both in # and quality ) I know the stresses & time sink that regular content production brings.

I hope your sabbatical brings accomplishment on other fronts and new perspective and enjoyment to the Village Carpenter on your return. Enjoy the time and rest assured we shall all be here when you get back.


Doug Berch said...

I thoroughly support you taking a break though I will thoroughly miss your posts. I think it is good to switch gears now and then even if change is a little stressful. It shows we are multifaceted!

All the best,


Frontier Carpenter said...

Appreciate all the work you do on your blog! Happy holidays!

Jeff Branch said...

I know what you mean that other responsibilities are piling up. My wife reminded me of that at our house just this morning.

Enjoy your time off.


Anonymous said...

Star Speed and hope you make it back!

rgdaniel said...


Marc said...

Enjoy your break Kari. I often though about taking a break myself but just can't seem to pull the trigger. I envy this decision. Well, enjoy it and make the most of it. I wish you many relaxing days NOT having to document everything you do. :) And enjoy that housework! :) See you in the new year.

Bob Easton said...


Those who work in the new media deign world (that's your gig, right?) are fraught with project overruns due to poor estimating. So, some are inclined to pad their estimates a bit. (DAMHIKT) But, c'mon, two months for dust bunnies? Even our best padding specialist wouldn't be able to sell that one.

OK. OK. I guess we'll have to accept it ... and sit around and wait ...

Stay well! Safe travels! Enjoy wherever it is your going.

JimK said...

We are going to miss you Kari... be safe, stay well and above all enjoy your well deserved time off. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.


PS. My dust bunnies turned into tumble weeds along time ago, I think my dog collects them. Kind of like aluminum foil or belly button lint. As to yard work, it's highly overrated. Heck from my (basement) shop I can't even see the yard.

Take Care! See ya in 2011.

Anonymous said...

I do not know if it will survive kari!!!
Happy Holidays
ciao Vittorio

Mattias in Durham, NC said...

Kari, enjoy the time off! Always looking forward to your next blog post... and I will keep doing that for a couple of months, no problem.

tom buhl said...

In honor of your leave, my wife is taking me out to dinner tonight. My favorite kcsb (ucsb station) dj just took a leave until January. But amazingly this Saturday his voice appeared on a different show, THE FAIRY CIRCLE, where a woman reads classic fables and tosses in bits of history about the times it was written or hollywood versions, including local actresses or actors when appropriate. She has a very funny, fairy ring voice. Her guest co-host for the pledge drive week show was none other than my favorite dj, of ROCKET GARDEN HOLIDAY fame. Turns out Chris is her son. Never would have guessed that one. I love surprise connections. It was a blast listening to them share stories of early radio days and life with mom, son and sister. Just thought you should know. ; )

Anonymous said...

Hi Kari,
We will miss you.
We understand the need.
May the Good Lord continue to Bless and Keep you during the Holidays.

You are the Best!
Warmest regards,
The Village Sexton :)

Kari Hultman said...

Thanks, guys, for understanding. :o) I'm sure my neighbors will thank you, too, once I trim all the overgrown bushes around my house. heh.

Anonymous said...

The words you use are unfamiliar to my people - what is this "vacuum" of which you speak?

Yard work - those are two words that should never be used together. Allowing one's plants to grow enormous provides raw material for future products. This is a philosophy that frees up even more time for wood working.

Woodbloke said...

Have a good sabbatical Kari. I for one don't swallow the old line about 'yard cleaning' or 'flossing'...utter tosh! Those of us who are savvy enough know that you're off to investigate first hand the green-wood bowl making capabilities of folk that inhabite the upper Tibbetan plateau (or somewhere similar)
As we say on this side of the big wet...have a good'un! - Rob

Tico Vogt said...

Here's a tool to help you enjoy the time off and realize your objectives:

My motto is "A morning without sweeping's like a night without sleeping."

Anonymous said...

Well Kari, if anyone deserves a break it's you. I know about playing catch-up around the house. You will be missed, see you next year.
Bill Akins

Eric said...

Enjoy your time off Kari and we'll be here when you get back.
Happy Holidays !

mokusakusensei--woods teacher said...

I just got through putting in a new spiral head into my jointer and came to catch up on more fun things. I am glad for you, but I will miss coming in to read what you have been doing in the shop.

Anonymous said...


I have really enjoyed reading your blog the last couple of years and look forward to you coming back refreshed after the holidays. Thanks for all you are doing for the woodworking community.


PS It was great getting to meet you at WWA this year!

RONW said...

well, next year, then.

Philly said...

Enjoy your break, Kari. I tend to have blogging breaks, but that's not intentional. It's because I'm useless ;)
Look forward to seeing V2 in the new year. After you've flossed...... :)
Best regards

Kari Hultman said...

Thanks for the breather, guys. It's more difficult than I thought it would be to stay away from here. haha!

mdhills said...

For your viewing pleasure while you're flossing:

(sort of that new-world old woodworking thing)

Mr. Wholesale Flooring Distributors said...

Hope you enjoy your time off, very much needed. Very useful information on your blog! Look forward to your posts next year :)

Jamie Bacon said...

Looking forward to you starting up your blog again. Your's is always one I look forward to. Hope your holiday was fun and restful.