Saturday, August 28, 2010

For The Woodworker Who Has Everything

I asked for and got two things for my birthday: a new wallet (mine was held together with a rubber band) and pocket tweezers.

There isn't a single thing I need, tool-wise, and it's not possible for me to care less about fashion, so my bday wish list is always on the meager side.

But I'm happy as a woodworker with a pile of pink ivory and pearwood.

I am not endorsing this product, but it is pretty cool. It's very sharp with one curved side so you don't stab yourself as you remove a splinter. It also folds closed for safety.

And if you're a lady woodworker, it's great for plucking eyebrows. Works a heck of a lot better than the chainsaw I had been using.


Extremely Average said...

The chainsaw line really made me chuckle. Happy Birthday.

Alan Garner said...

There is always another tool you need. You just haven't started that particular project yet. Of course, most likely, you'll make that tool when the need arises.
Like you, fashion is not something I worry about. I have the suits when I need them -- they are one of the tools of my work. But, I was born in Levis and prefer to wear them more than anything else. (Well, I like the Schmidt jeans at Tractor Supply. Great woodworking pockets and loops and cost about a third less than Levis.

Vic Hubbard said...

That's a fine looking wallet, Kari. I hope you plan to get a nice chain for it. I prefer the Levi's. Those Schmidt jeans make my butt look big.

Adrian Baird Ba Than said...

Just when I was wrapping up Charlize to send to you as a belated birthday gift I go & read this post.
Oh well,back on the shelf you go...
(I also make wallets...)

Darnell said...

Chainsaws are so non-galoot. A block plane would would've been more appropriate, or a scraper plane if you have a lot of cowlicks.
Happy Birthday!

Gye Greene said...

Hey -- happy birthday! :)

How about this -- -- comes in 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" -- or, you can get the whole set for a discount.

A bit of gimmick -- but if you're a Leatherman/multitool kinda person, this would be a good addition to your purse/belt pouch/back pocket.


RONW said...

Happy, BD.

Eric said...

Happy Birthday Kari and thanks for everything.

Myeloman said...

This is your birthday song, it isn't very long. Happy Birthday Kari!

I was thinking of asking for one of these for my birthday... for the guy who has everything AND is a SERIOUS woodworker.

Cory Krug said...

I just happened to have these laying around, but I've found electronics tweezers work great for splinters, especially when you have to dig in a bit.

Example from digi-key here:

I would not really recommend these for use around your eyes.

Kari Hultman said...

Thanks, Brian!

Alan, I suppose you're right. It's probably a good thing then that I actually build so few projects. It's much easier on my new wallet. BTW, you always look nice whether you're in a suit or jeans.

Vic, it does sort of look like a dude's wallet. Except I carry it in a purse. ; )

Black, can I put in an early request for next year's birthday?

LOL@Darnell! Cowlicks in eyebrows. Who woulda thought? :D

Gye, I'd like to see a pocket table saw. Hey, phones and cameras are getting smaller...why not?

Thank you Ron, Eric, and Tracy. :o)

Cory, yeah, somehow a chainsaw seems safer than those do for plucking eyebrows.

JERM said...

Wait, only lady woodworkers are allowed to pluck their eyebrows?!?! OOOO crap!!! =) Happy Birthday!!

Woodbloke said...

Hi Kari - glad you made it to the course. Those tweezers look mean...really mean.
I had a quick peek at FB and saw you dined out on pizza and cookies...what happened to the lean green, planing machine?
Happy Birthday by the way, have a good'un - Rob

George J Constance, Jr. said...

You've gone too far!

HavenTom said...

Happy Birthday Kari! Cool Tweezers!

Marilyn in Seattle said...

Cool tweezers indeed! Tick .. hmm.
Don't forget to leave them behind when you fly. I'm certain some security guard might think they're mean too.

Dyami Plotke said...

Nice birthday haul, Kari.

Let me endorse your lack of caring for fashion. Unless it's a woodworking related t-shirt, I don't care either.

Kari Hultman said...

Jerm, I'm going to need to see photographic proof of your eyebrow pruning. haha

Rob, I was hoping that after five weeks of following a very bland diet, the angry stomach gods would grant me a bit of indulgence on my birthday. And they did!

George, I'll take that as a compliment. ; )

Thanks, Tom!

M.G., point taken. (pun intended)

Dyami, wanna hang out at WIA with me? I'll wear my "Let's Talk Tools" tshirt. haha

Jeremy said...

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