Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowmageddon Got You Down?

If you live in one of the states that's getting pummeled with the white stuff, perhaps an interesting article will take your mind off what you'll be doing once the storm quits (shoveling).

We have well over 36" on the ground, all major highways are closed, and I'm thinking about heading out to shop to build a large plow that can be rigged to my dogs, who seem to have boundless energy and are unencumbered by the ever-mounding precipitation.


rgdaniel said...

I thought I would need a snow blower to keep the path open to the fenced in area of our yard... not to worry, the dogs keep the path open just running there and back. Effortlessly, as you suggest. Even our bulldog seems keen to tackle the highest drifts...

Extremely Average said...

I live in Iowa it is rare that we are the ones on the sidelines watching others get slammed.

I really liked your dog plow comment. It made me chuckle, as do most of your posts.

I love your blog!


will said...

Here, I can see the moss growing. And some plants are beginning to bud. You might save your workshop wood for survival heating supplies. Snowmageddon might last for months more. And, does FEMA have your phone number?.

Larry Marshall said...

Thanks for the photos showing your sacrifice. It's not that I miss our normal Quebec snowfall, but it's good to know it has found a good home :-)

As you guys are being buried, our skies are sunny; our ground barely white. Average snowfall in Quebec City is about 12 FEET each winter. Thus far we've had only 14", all because of you nice Americans.

Cheers --- Larry

Vic Hubbard said...

My younger dogs would SOOO love all that snow. But, as you know, dogs are "live in the moment" creatures who don't have to shovel it later. Unless, you really can figure out that harness thing.

Myeloman said...

We moved from south western Michigan to the central valley of California last summer. We also have two St. Bernards who now HATE us. They SO loved the snow and we had almost three acres there. Now we have blistering heat in the summer and rain in the winter, not to mention a VERY small yard. I miss seeing them run through the snow and wrestling with them in it...

Thanks for sharing and reminding me of good times.

John Cashman said...

I finally broke down and got a snowblower a couple of years ago. I don't miss shoveling.

Thanks so much for the link to Colonial Williamsburg Kari. I've been wanting to read about the reproduction tool shop for a long time. Twenty-five hours to build a wooden rule? Wow! I'd love to visit that shop.

Thanks again.

Ethan said...

The picture with the shop roof line says it all, Kari... That is a LOT of snow!

The kids look like they're having a lot of fun, though! Do you have to dig more trench every few days for new potty spots?

JERM said...

I don't miss THAT much snow! Lived in OH for a bit and had a bad winter there. MD was much more mild, and as far as the PNW, the trees in the backyard or budding and some have blooms! =) At least the shop is warm =)

Kari Hultman said...

Bob, our neighbor's dog, a big yellow lab, was blazing a trail in his yard, too. If ours tried that, it would be a tunnel. haha

Brian, Iowa! I'm guessing you own a snowblower on steroids, yes?

Bill, I'd freeze to death before I'd burn my precious wood! :D I thought Seattle got crazy amounts of snow?

Larry, if you decide you're missing snow, though, I'll be happy to ship some to you....for free!

Vic, Rosie loves the snow and buries her face in it. Daisy, however, is a delicate creature and prefers the warmth of a cozy blanket on Nancy's lap.

Wooden1, that's a fun mental image of huge St. Bernards bounding through snow. :o)

John, my neighbor just bought one and loves to use it. We share a 90' driveway and he did almost the entire thing by himself. Sweet. I'd love to line up a tour/interview of the Colonial Wmsburg shop next time we're there.

Ethan, that's not my shop, it's my lumberyard. ; ) We did have to keep going out to reshovel the path all day yesterday. Every 2 hours there was another 4" on the ground.

Jerm, I always thought the PNW got all kinds of snow. Maybe the NE is the new PNW?

Woodbloke said...

Hi Kari - we don't really know how to cope with the stuff in the UK. We get a scant 50 or 60mm and all the schools will shut, people will 'panic' buy in the supermarkets ('cos there won't be any food getting if!) the salt gritting depots will run out of grit (as they only keep 6 days worth)and affected areas will generally come to a grinding halt, sort of.
Good pics of the pooches btw. Have you lobbed one into a deep drift? I did that with one of our cats and got a "if you were smaller and I were bigger, you'd be a tasty morsel" sort of look, extreme indignation doesn't even come close! - Rob

Kari Hultman said...

Rob, people panic here, too. Not sure why. The roads are always clear in, at most, 2 days. I think if I threw one of our dogs into the snow piles, we wouldn't find her 'til spring! We're getting more of the fluffy stuff this weekend. :o)

David Cockey said...

Thanks for the link. George Wilson and Jon Laubach retired from Colonial Williamsburg last year and there is a new toolmaker. In addition to the tools made "in house" Colonial Williamsburg has bought a very large number of Clark and Williams planes over the last few years. Given the number of folks making old style hand saws I wonder if CW will be buying saws in the future.

South-east Michigan also is running a snow deficit this year. Most we've had is 7" or so of wet snow a couple of days ago.

lukspencer said...

I thought we dodged the bullet this year in SC...It never snows here, we got 4 inches tonight and you would have though we had a little snowmaggedon:) I think all the milk in Wal-mart was gone just by the mention of snow.

Luke Spencer
Pop's Survival Guide

Kenneth Woodruff said...

Holy cow. I wish you'd send some of that out to California. I haven't seen snow in about 6 years.

Kari Hultman said...

David, I noticed that the article was written in 2006 and wondered if things had changed since then because there are so many great saw and plane makers. My Dad's a yooper who remembers 10' snow piles lining the roads. This year, it must feel like you're living in North Carolina!

Luke, 4" in South Carolina is definitely a snowmageddon! No wonder everyone freaked out. It was like that where I grew up in VA. 2" on the ground meant a day off school.

Kenneth, what's your address? ; )