Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kick Back With a Good PDF

Have fun perusing this huge library of downloadable woodworking books (some very old) online.


Christopher said...


It is amazing what is now available in the public domain -- I recently found a complete curriculum for teaching Sloyd woodworking techniques and instructions for my 1920's Triumph saw set. It seems somehow ironic to use 21st century technology to go back 100 years in time.

Dan said...

Thanks Kari - that is quite a list! And an interesting new site to explore...

Kari Hultman said...

Christopher, it's a bit mind boggling the amount of useful information that's online.

Dan, have fun digging through it!

ahardslojdlife said...


Rob of Evenfall Studios said...

Hi Kari,

Thanks for posting a link to the Evenfall Studios Woodworks Library. I appreciate you helping get the word out about it.

I am a life long hobby woodworker, and I was taught much by my Grandfather and my Dad. It is cool to think of all I learned from a man who was born in 1901.

When I began to notice all these woodworking books were being scanned and put on the net, I thought, How cool! But you know, many of them were in college libraries at one end of the country or another. Many so fragile that the librarians would have reservation over who could see them. Who even knew that most had ever existed?

Now that they are truly available for the public, I thought it would be nice with my hosting to just make the titles I found available so other woodworkers could find them. There is so much that our forefathers really had sorted out years ago

It is just one way I can pay forward some of what my grandfather exposed me to. I want to say that if anyone finds a woodworking book in the public domain that they think would be a good fit in the library, please email me and let me know. If it meets legal criteria, I'd be happy to host having it there. Best of all, these are all free to everyone. what a great price! There is so much great information there.

Thanks again for getting the word out about the Woodworks Library I really appreciate it!



Steve Branam said...

What an amazing treasure trove! This will definitely go on the links list on my blog. Thanks so much for pointing to it!