Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moments of Note at WIA

Scariest Moment: Having to bore a hole on stage in front of 300 people.

Proudest Moment: Not puking while on stage in front of 300 people.

Funniest Moment: Megan Fitzpatrick yelling an expletive—loudly—while boring a hole on stage in front of 300 people. Sweet.

Most Heartwarming Moment: Being asked for a hug from a woodworker who reads my blog—Woody Medina.

Most Hopeful Moment: Seeing the considerable number of young woodworkers (20's and 30's) and even some children.

Most Grateful Moment: Being assisted by Bill from Michigan, a married couple with a cute little doggie, and two employees at the hotel in jump-starting my dead battery. Bill, thank you for
sticking around that entire time to make sure I was okay.

Loudest Moment: Cheering for Chris Schwarz' "birthday" at the Fox and Hound.

Most Breath-Taking Moment: Getting a "suck-the-life-force-out-of-you" bear hug from my new BFF, Tom Iovino.

....and lastly....

Most Blushing, Giggly School Girl Moment: Being almost touched on the cheek by Roy Underhill. I almost might never wash that cheek again.

Top photo: Mike Siemsen helps some kids learn to bore a hole by hand.
Bottom photo:
Shannon Rogers, Mack McKinney, and Tom Iovino.


montanamark said...

Wow! St Roy in the flesh! Cool!

Those of us woodworkers stuck out in the boonies yearn for more info from WIA and we trust that you will come forth with that info. Thanks in advance.

Kari Hultman said...

You bet! I have a pile of photos and video footage to organize, but I'll get to it asap.

In the meantime, be sure to visit the other bloggers' sites for their take on WIA.

Megan Fitzpatrick said...

my mother will be displeased...I can almost taste the soap in my mouth...

One of the best things about the conference for me was to finally get to meet you in person. And many thanks for being such a good sport about the surprise public performance.

EMBO said...

You summed it up perfectly! Can't wait for all the details. I know I was there too, but I'm so sad it's over and want to relive it through someone else's eyes!

Dave said...

The look on your 3s face when Megan got the small drill - priceless! :)

Ethan said...

Almost touched on the cheek by Roy?

Was it a swing and a miss?

Or was he doing that thing where he holds his finger right by your cheek and says, "I'm not touching you. I'm not touching you."?

I hate it when he does that...

Stephen Kirk said...

Good weekend and it was a pleasure to meet both you and Tom.

Kari Hultman said...

Megan, awww, thanks! It was great to get to talk with you. Hope you don't get into too much trouble with your Mom. : (

Embo, I know what you mean. My mind is still at the conference instead of at work, where it should be!

Dave, oh I imagine my jaw hit the floor.

Ethan, I don't quite remember the circumstances since I was in an ethereal daze by his mere presence.

Stephen, it was a pleasure to meet and talk with you, too! :o)

EMBO said...

My mind is still on that blasted dovetail joint...I want to get home and start showing our pilfered 1x4 blocks who's boss!

Anonymous said...


It was great to meet you!

I was thinking about the boring competition (wood boring that is)... I don't think they checked the results for squareness, right? From where I was sitting your hole looked way straighter than Megan or Heather's. Shouldn't they have lost time for holes that were out of square? Hmmmmmmmm..... Just a thought.

Its funny that I wanted to tell you how great I think your blogging is when I saw you, but that's the one thing I didn't say when we were face to face! (doh!) So... Kudos to you! Keep up the great blogging!


PS: In case anyone reads your post above and gets the wrong idea... there's a difference between WANTING a hug and NEEDING a hug. :o)

Kari Hultman said...

Embo, you can do it!!!

Woody, someone else said that about the squareness. But I think they were mainly looking at speed, and Megan definitely had us on that! Thank you for your support and hug. It made my day. :o)

JERM said...

In response to your "Most Hopeful Moment", I wish I had taken a shop class in high school, but I was too bus in my college prep classes. Only after higher education have I gravitated back to woodworking. Oddly enough I have used the woodworking as much professionally as I have the higher education =) There are many of us that you consider young out there enjoying woodworking.

Mack said...

Kari --

I can't believe you posted that photo. Yes I can.

It was great meeting you (finally, after all these years.) And you had the loudest cheering section. Us.

Kari Hultman said...

Jerm, I'm glad to hear that there are so many young people in woodworking. It's important that we keep the tradition going. That way, when I'm an old lady, I'll still be able to find places that offer ww classes. haha!

Mack, it was great to meet you and Liz! And I heard you guys while I was on stage, I just didn't dare look up for fear of freezing like a deer in the headlights.

Hank Gillette said...

So, if we every meet, the only reason I wouldn't ask you for a hug would be the fear that you might think it was creepy rather than heartwarming!

I do enjoy reading your blog.

Kari Hultman said...

Hank, are you kidding? Heck, I'd hug a porcupine. Bring it on!

Kari Hultman said...
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