Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WIA Handtools Conference II

This October, rub shoulders with these guys: Roy Underhill, Toshio Odate, Peter Follansbee, Mike Wenzloff, Chuck Bender, Don McConnell, Larry Williams, Ron Herman, Adam Cherubini, Mario Rodriguez, and Chris Schwarz.

The 2009 WIA Handtool Conference is in Valley Forge, PA, October 2-4, and if it's anything like last year's conference, it will be the best 3 days you've experienced in a long time.

Hard to decide which is the best part—the informative seminars, the hands-on sessions, the marketplace (where you can try out and buy handtools and talk directly with the makers), or just hanging out with fellow woodworkers.

I'm planning to go and all I ask is that you not give Don McConnell a heads up that I'm attending. I bugged the crud out of him last year with questions and if he new that the annoying lady was going to be there again, he might bag out! I'm only thinking of you guys. Really.

See you there!


msiemsen said...

In your list of luminaries you left off Kari Hultman, ulitmate blogger!

Thewoodshepherd said...

I'll be there!! And, I'm sensing an opportunity in terms of Don McConall!

DonP said...

My bags have been packed since Nov 16 08. A prior commitment is keeping me from getting to the design conference so I am looking forward to Valley Forge.

Last year “have a beer with Roy” was checked off my bucket list. This year it will be “meet Toshio Odate”.

I am a little disappointed that Frank Klausz and Mike Dunbar will not be there. I was hoping they would team up with Roy Underhill and get the act back together.