Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Helpers

Let's check in to see what everyone else in the house is doing
while I'm busy cleaning and cooking for Thanksgiving.....

Daisy Susan (Daisy)

Rosebud Grace (Rosie)

Charlie Jane
(Charlie, my parents' deaf and blind dog)

Anders Hjalmer (Andy, my parents' cat)

Ah yes, with this kind of help, I'll be able to take a nap in no time!


TheWoodWhisperer said...

LAZY BEASTS! lol As I peer around my little office I see one tubby black lab blocking the doorway with his 100lb body, and I can hear the gentle wheezing snores of my little doberman behind me. Lazy bums! And speaking of Thanksgiving, I need to start my brine.

Shazza said...

In my next life I'm coming back as one of your pets! That's a GOOD life!

Happy Thanksgiving you two!

rgdaniel said...

Jeez, I'm getting sleepy just looking at them... we have four dogs... there's always a lot of napping going on around here too... B-)

Woodbloke said...

Kari - cooking,'ve got shavings to make! And what's all this Thanksgiving stuff?...nothing to do with us Brits by any chance.
Got two cats just the same as the one in the last pic...but much fatter.
Have a good one - Rob

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Nancy and the pooches. We're all veggie around today. Sylvia's on the phone with her Mom in Germany and the dogs and I are lying about.
We're going nontraditional today.
We're going to make some ravioli.
Enjoy the day!!

Kari Hultman said...

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who are celebrating, and Happy Thursday to those of you who are not. Hope you're having a great day either way. :o)

Anonymous said...

Andy is a twin of one of my cat. Is he a Tonkinese?

Kari Hultman said...

Anon, we don't know what kind of cat he is, but he does have a good personality. A little bullheaded maybe, but very likable.