Saturday, May 10, 2008

Shaping the Legs

To shape the legs for the sawbuck table, I first traced the profile onto the leg blanks using the cardboard template. Then I transferred the profile to the other side of the leg. With the profile marked on both sides, you can check back and forth as you're shaping to ensure that the profile is square.

I roughed out the shape on the band saw and then cleaned up the cuts with round files, triangular files, smooth files, a Nicholson #50 rasp, a Lee Valley rounded spokeshave, and sandpaper.

The shaped leg in the last photo is sitting on top of what's left of the cherry that is being used to make this project.


Anonymous said...


Make sure you leave room under the drawer so you can actually get a board in there, you never know when you will need to buck a board in the living room.

Nice Work.


Ethan said...


This project is looking great so far! Dirk Benedict would be proud!

What? Oh, it's a SAWbuck table... nevermind.

Still lookin' good, though. :)

Kari Hultman said...

Was it Dirk Benedict or Richard Hatch? Whichever the case, I sure hope "Sawbuck" didn't have legs like these. eww

Ethan said...

No, that Richard Hatch was Apollo.

(I had a major "EWWWW" there, though, because I thought at first you were talking about Mr. Creepy from Survivor Borneo (2000) who always took off his Utilikilt for the challenges. He had horrible legs, too.)