Thursday, November 1, 2007

Privy Door

A few years ago when the sliding pocket door to our main bathroom fell apart, I added another project to my seemingly endless list of home projects. Since our decorating style is Adirondack & kitschy, I decided to build an outhouse door. Hey, why be subtle? A piece of cake to build, just pine boards, and I added a sliding privacy window for the moon cutout. Inside, the door "handle" is an antique key that swings on two antique cut nails. Probably took longer to paint the door than it did to build it, but for a simple project, it's a fun conversation piece.

(And yes, that is dust on the key. Hey, I'm a woodworker, not a housekeeper!)

And here's a picture of our exceptionally tall terrier demonstrating how the moon window works.


Anonymous said...
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Shazza said...

Are you giving your terrier growth hormones or what?

You should have a copy of the ol' Sears and Roebuck catelog on the other side of that's great reading material!

Kari Hultman said...

Great idea! Maybe I should install a 2-seater, too? : )

Shazza said...

Good idea...nothing says true love like a 2 seater outhouse!

Gye Greene said...

Genius: Love it! :)