Monday, September 28, 2009

WTO Tips

Thank you to Marc Spagnuolo, who asked if I would like to contribute to the tips segment of Wood Talk Online. If you're not familiar with WTO, it's a semi-weekly podcast featuring Marc and Matt Vanderlist—two amiable woodworkers chatting about their current projects, what's new around the web, links of interest, and techniques.

You can sign up to be part of the chat room—with comments as hilarious as the show itself—and chime in while Marc and Matt make their presentation.

During my segment, one guy in the chat room suggested I'd make a good phone sex operator. Funny—my partner thinks I sound like a church lady when I read aloud. Wonder what kind of church service the chat room guy attends? (grin)

My one-minute segment is towards the end of WTO No. 59, which aired last Thursday. Hope you like it, my brothers and sisters in wood.


Mitchell said...

The phone sex comment seems to me to be apropos. After all, I call the local retail outlet for Lee Valley Tools, "my personal porn shop".


Anonymous said...

When I saw the title "WTO Tips", I wondered what the World Trade Organizarion had to do with woodworking. I need to spend more time in the shop.


Dyami said...

I heard it in WTO No.59 and let me just say congratulations. It was a great tip. Between you and Tom you guys will provide all the real info while Matt continues to stumble over the phone number and Mark rambles on about his dinner.

Keep up the good work and I hope to see you in Valley Forge.

fitz said...

um. wow. What'd you say in return?!

The Village Carpenter said...

Mitchell, good point!

Chuck, I should spend more time in my shop and less time goofing around on FB. (That's Facebook, not Farm Bureau.) hee hee

Dyami, be sure to introduce yourself if you see me at Valley Forge. :o)

Megan, I said what any woman would say: Phone sex operator? Count me in!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Having never used a sex line and having not set foot in a church in over 30 years, I'd tend more towards agreeing with Mitchel and the hot line option.

After all, we are all here in this for the lust... of wood, ain't we?

Seriously, Kari. Your mini segment has already become my favorite part of the show. I hope to—literally—hear more from you soon.

Chod said...

I agree with Marc & Matt. When the arthritis kicks in and the eyes cloud over Voice Talent is your future.


naomi said...

Oh my gosh, Kari! You sound like voices from the 1950s, or Moviephone, or the safety videos on airlines, or any of those automated voice recordings in America. I always wondered if anyone sounded like that-and you do!
As for the sex line comment...eewe. What is the world coming to when sexphone ladies sound like the air safety ladies? Don't you need a husky/raspy voice for the sex phone job? i think your voice is way classier...

The Village Carpenter said...

Jojo, thanks! I just sent another segment to Marc for his show. You'll be sick of me in no time. ; )

Chod, it would be nice to have something to fall back on. :o)

Naomi, hahahaha!! You crack me up. Actually, I can do an EXCELLENT 50s mom impression--funny you should say that. I have a pretty awesome Mid-western accent in my repertoire as well. Perhaps a segment taped from Fargo is in order.

TheWoodWhisperer said...

I was excited to have you on the show Kari, thanks again!

The second tip is every bit as good as the first and people are gonna love it!

Sex line operator? I don't think so. There is too much "class" in your voice. I still vote for audiobook reader. :)

Ray from Louisiana said...

Wow Kari,
I have to agree with the guys on WTO on this one. You are not only smart but what a great broadcast voice! As a former theater person I was impressed. You make us proud

The Village Carpenter said...

Well, if anyone needs a voiceover for their ww dvd, give me a shout. ; )

The Village Carpenter said...

BTW, my fee is home baked chocolate chip cookies.

Mr Bill said...

I can come up with the Chocolate chip cookies, mine are made with a little bit of Kahlua. I don't know about the phone thing but I was thinking..Lake Wobegon and MN. That's PBS stuff for those that don't listen to a Prairie Home Companion. I'm thinking Guy Noir sidekick! Oh I'm not saying who I'm betting on, but you better do well against Megan, I need the scratch.

Carolynne said...

I really enjoyed your bit on WTO. Nice to hear a females voice. I checked out your website after Marc and Matt raved about your skills. WOW.

The Village Carpenter said...

Mr Bill, I never met a chocolate chip cookie I didn't like and Kahlua sounds like a yummy touch. :o)

Thanks, Carolynne. I'm happy to meet other women in woodworking!