Monday, January 2, 2012

Weightlifting, Woodworker-Style

How I spent New Year's Day:

(And there's another stack around the corner.)


Bob said...

Stacks of lumber give me chills.

Jamie Bacon said...

That's a beautiful sight! That really is some nice looking stuff. Can't wait to see the bench.

Adam Aronson said...

Kari, I'm still feeling the effects of loading ~175bf of 8/4 Ash into my basement shop.

Looking forward to watching your build and Marc's build happen sorta-taneously!

Bob Easton said...

So.... Those are 1x6s at the bottom of the left stack?

Being so knot free, they must either be basswood, or you are missing an arm and a leg.

Fine looking wood!!!

Vic Hubbard said...


Are you starting out each piece the same as the top? Flattening one side with handplanes, then running through the planer? I was lucky, in that all my lumber was so dry, there was absolutely no movement after my initial milling.

Kari Hultman said...

Bob, there's nothing quite as exciting as a freshly-milled stack of lumber, is there?

Jamie, I got the cherry from Hearne Hardwoods and it's gorgeous. The maple is from Groff's and it's very nice, too.

Adam, ibuprofen is our friend. :o)

Bob, the boards on the bottom left are 12/4 cherry. They're 10" wide and 60" long. All the other boards are either 12/4 or 8/4 soft maple.

Vic, I had to flatten all the cherry boards by hand (two for the top and one for the leg vise), but I face jointed all the maple on my power jointer before running them through the planer. So far the cherry is still dead flat, and I milled that about a week ago.

Joe McGlynn said...

Wow, very exciting!

Did you already mill that? Hard to tell in the picture.

Kari Hultman said...

Joe, I only flattened the outside faces. All the boards are cut to rough length and width, and I'll still need to mill them to final thickness.

Tom Stephenson said...

Yay for shop time. I got to work on my bench today too! I do declare, those are the cutest little ol' stickers I ever did see! Looking forward to seeing this come together!

TheGravedigger said...

I've got a stickered stack of poplar that I'm about to put to good use, but it pales in comparison to those treasures! Nice stuff!

Steve Kirincich said...

I eagerly await your progress updates. I hope this is not one of those "deceptive" 1/10 scale workbenches!

James said...

Every time I read your blog I find a new idea I can steal from you. I have a very short bench and it never occurred that I could edge joint a long board on my saw benches. The Roubo looks like its coming along nicely BTW. I really enjoy all of your posts Kari and feel like I learn a lot from reading them. Thank you!

Kari Hultman said...

Tom, keep it up with your bench build!

Robert, I'm spoiled living so close to such great lumberyards. Yea for PA!

Steve, I have the bruises and sore muscles to prove that this is a full-size bench. :o)

Thanks, James!