Friday, January 27, 2012

Get Woodworking Week

Tom Iovino, of Tom's Workbench, has come up with a brilliant idea.
As shop classes are being discontinued in our schools, as people spend more time on the internet than working with their hands (I'm guilty of this one), and as the knowledge to build, repair, and swing a hammer is disappearing, woodworking bloggers are being called upon to help save woodworking.

Read about Tom's idea here. All next week, he'll post links to bloggers who are writing words of inspiration to encourage folks to put the mouse down and pick up a woodworking tool.

Nice one, Tom.


kgoold said...

Thanks for the heads up kari, I plan on writing some stuff up for this on my blog too. Although my shop is way too small to introduce a new woodworker there, I will be posting about using hand tools, and the processes a person goes through using those tools and I’ll throw in some turning tips to.
Kelton Goold

Tom Iovino said...

Why, this might just be a movement!

Chainedtothewoodstove said...

This is a fantastic idea too many youngsters are being turned away from working with there hands

McGlynn On Making said...

This sounds like fun, I'm off to a dovetail class in Port TOwnsend this weekend and will be posting about that on my blog next week.


Oliver said...

I like it - help youngsters loose their nintendo thumbs and develop carpenter's arms!

joinery sheffield said...

great idea, youngster need all the help they can get at the moment