Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ice Cream Flavors for Woodworkers

Plane Vanilla
Chocolate WoodChip
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dado
Chocolate Chip Breaker
English Dovetail Toffee
Sawberry Cheese Rake
Banana Split Nut
Curly Cherry Swirl
Moxonmallow Fluff
Marshmallet Créme
Chocolate Measure Mint
Orange Fleamscicle
Fudge Rip-ple
Grainola Crunch
Fruit Coffin Smoothie
TeNon Pareil
Rabbet Tracks...with raisins
Rasp-berry Sher-Bit


Bill Stankus said...

I'll talk to my therapist and see if she can squeeze you into her busy schedule. ;>)

Jamie Bacon said...

Very nice! Sounds like SOMEONE needs a bedtime snack. I know I'm headed to MY freezer after reading that!

Robert said...

Maple Butternut Swirl comes to mind.


The Village Carpenter said...

Bill, is it THAT obvious that I need help? haha!
Jamie, hope you enjoyed your snack. :o)
Bob--that sounds pretty yummy actually!

Ethan said...

Ben & Jerry's Phinish food?

But honestly, the absolute best ice cream flavor/singer/woodworking combination has already been invented...

Cherry Garcia

woodwright prochaska said...

I could certainly go for a big bowl of plane ol' chocolathe.

The Village Carpenter said...

Good ones, Ethan and Woodwright Prochaska. :o)
Chocolathe--love it!

Thumb6 said...

Kari, that's awesome. I think my favorite is Chocolate Chip Breaker.

Shazza said...

I agree with Bill! If his therapist isn't available I'll see if I can get you an appointment with mine!

You got WAY too much time on your hands my dear.

LizPf said...

Maple Walnut, of course!

Butter(nut) Pecan
Jatoba Almond Fudge
Grain Tea (my underappreciated favorite)
Wintergrain (another favorite -- we have great flavors around here)

The Village Carpenter said...

LizPf, you have some interesting flavors where you live...wintergrain? Sounds cool!

LizPf said...

I'm in Massachusetts.

One of the local institutions are small ice cream stands, open only in the summer, that sell enormous cones of site-churned ice cream in standard and more exotic flavors. My favorite stand has both wintergreen and ginger.