Saturday, November 8, 2008

Woodworking in America

In just a few days, I'll be rubbing flannel-covered elbows with other handtool enthusiasts, bloggers, & podcasters; famous woodworkers; and handtool vendors at the Woodworking in America conference.

Here is a list of the classes I will attend and blog about in the coming weeks:
1) Japanese Saws in Western Work
2) Master the Spokeshave & Drawknife
3) Rehabbing Old Tools
4) Understanding Western Saws
5) Wooden Plane Technology
6) Setting Up A Handtool Shop
7) Mortise & Tenon—3 Solid Methods
8) Tools for Windsor Seats
9) Modern Tools—Tolerances & Myths
10) Eliminating Tear-Out When Planing

Whew! All that is packed into just 2.5 days. The folks at Popular Woodworking and Woodworking Magazine have put together what will surely be an awesome event. Plans are in the works for another conference next year if you are not able to make it to this one.

While I'm at the conference, my partner will spend time reading, sleeping, watching movies, sleeping, working out in the hotel's gym, and sleeping. In other words, both of us will be enjoying our perfect vacations.

At left is a business card I designed and will take with me in case anyone asks about this blo
g (my partner's idea). I thought they might come in handy as shims, kindling, or disposal of gum.


Anonymous said...

Your card is also a good example of your graphic design work. A true tour de force.
see you in KY.

Luke Townsley said...

I like your card.

You just reminded me how much I like the looks of that plane. I think you should let all of your blog visitors take a free pass with it. ;-)

Mitchell said...

Not only a great looking card, Kari, but a great idea to have one. I'm just not sure you will find anyone who hasn't already heard of you and your site.

Enjoy the conference.

Vic Hubbard said...

Wow Kari!! You've been busy! I'm green with envy at all the great opportunities you have in the area.
The chip carving was phenomenal. I gots to learn me that:D I love the new business card, too.

Shazza said...

Have fun at the conference!

Please tell Presby to try not to wear herself out.

Love the card.

mdhills said...

Hey, I want a shim too!

(nice design, and enjoy the conference; will be on pins and needles to get the scoop)

Anonymous said...

The card is very nifty and the thought that you'll blog the conference even better - can't wait, certain you'll do justice to the event as you do routinely to the subjects you cove. Most of all have a great time and a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Keri,

I hope that you have a GREAT trip!
May the Lord be with you, and in case he blinks, take Band-Aids. Those tools will be sharp.

Hi to Chris.

Looking forward to your Blogs.

Warmest regards,
Village Sextant

Ralph said...

I am looking forward to getting one of your cards. See you at the conference.


Ralph Barhorst

The Village Carpenter said...

Thanks guys! I think my head will be spinning with all the things I'll be learning. By the way, if anyone wants one of these cards and can't make it to the show, I'll be happy to mail one to you.

Woodbloke said...

Hi Kari - if you're off to Kentucky, make sure you give some grief to my good friend Phill Edwards (Phillyplanes) who'll be on the same stand as Chris Schwarze I believe. Just ask him what position the the new presidential administraion he's finally accepted...he'll know exactly what you mean! Make sure also that you try some of his planes...fantastic.
Have a great show, unfortunatly events like this one are a dying breed this side of the wet - Rob

The Village Carpenter said...

Rob, if I ask Phill your question, am I going to have to duck and run???

Woodbloke said...

Kari - no, he'll laugh, but he'll want to know where you got the question from. We've been pulling his leg on UKWorksop in that his trip to the US was all 'smoke and mirrors' and that the real reason was that he'd got the 'call' from the new guy on election night - Rob

Woodbloke said...

Forgot - make sure you get some good pics using some of the Phillyplanes - Rob

Shannon said...

Sounds like my wife has the same plans. She is looking forward to doing a lot of nothing and prepared for me to make a fool of myself with all this woodworking overload. Glad to see your class list as you got into a few of the classes I wanted to take but couldn't figure out how to clone myself. I hope with all the bloggers going we can cover all the topics and give a complete view of the show. See you there!

Anonymous said...

I am dittoing everything that Shannon said -- my wife has a similar agenda. As for me, I'm so looking forward to actually meeting folks that are in our online community as much as I am downloading all the tres cool Neanderinfo. A couple of our modules overlap -- see you there!!

The Village Carpenter said...

Looking forward to meeting you two!

neil said...

Pretty exciting.......see you there!!


George Beck said...

I am looking forward to bumping into at the conference.